One of today's greatest musical stars, the inimitable Eros Ramazzotti, returns to the magnificent Pula Arena after almost 20 years, on August 14th as part of his world tour "BATTITO INFINITO"

After setting out to conquer the world in October 2022, Eros Ramazzotti, the spokesman for an almost extinct generation, continues his unstoppable streak during the summer of 2023 through more than seventy already announced dates.

The exciting Eros adventure "BATTITO INFINITO WORLD TOUR" continues in the organization of Star production and Adria Summer Festival, on August 14, 2023 in the Pula Arena. In a concert of over two hours, which will celebrate the endless beats of music that will echo through the cultural monument that evening, Eros will sing his audience with more than 25 songs that follow his 35-year career.

There is probably no one who has not heard "Se bastasse una canzone", "Piu bella cosa"... songs that marked this musician and paved the way for his worldwide career. After the performance at Sanremo in 1984 with the song "Terra promesa", Eros Ramazzotti became globally popular and has not left the top of the world charts to this day.

Behind Eros is a large number of collaborations with musical giants such as Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Carlos Santana, Tina Turner, Cher, and hit after hit "Parla con me", "Un emozione per semper", "Can't stop thinking of you", "Fuoco nel fuoco", "Piu' bella cosa", "Adesso tu", "Se bastasse una canzone" and becomes one of the world's most listened and appreciated singer-songwriters.

In more than 35 years of his career, Eros Ramazzotti has sold 70 million albums, his music has been listened to more than a billion times on global music services, including the latest song "Gli ultimi romantici".

The musical spectacle of this great man is a concert not to be missed, and you can buy tickets from 52.00 € in the Eventim system and at all Eventim points of sale.

Pula: 14.08.2023.

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